Coping With Legal Highs

Recommendations for parents of drug-taking teens

  • Declare your home a drug free zone
  • If you think your teen is using legal highs or other drugs, search the house for them
  • Include your teen’s bedroom in the search
  • Confiscate any legal highs, other drugs or drug-related implements you find in your house
  • Don’t let things fester. Speak to your teen at an early point about what you’ve discovered
  • Don’t confront in anger.  It could lead to a slinging match or worse   
  • Set consequences for further drug use and make sure your teen understands what’s involved
  • Make sure your teen understands that you still love him/her and are serious about helping
  • For further advice, contact TOUGHLOVE at or by dialing 0800 868 445
  • Join a TOUGHLOVE Parent Support Group and learn effective and proven strategies for coping.