Do you feel trapped, guilty, betrayed, helpless or frightened?
Are you struggling to retain control of your life and your family?
Are you troubled by the unacceptable adolescent behaviour of your teenager?
TOUGHLOVE is a loving solution for families that are being torn apart by this unacceptable behaviour.  Families are lost and lives ruined by the lack of intervention and a false sense that there are no other families with similar experiences.
TOUGHLOVE is a non-profit, self-help organisation that provides ongoing education and active support to families, empowering parents and young people to accept responsibility for their actions and stop destructive behaviours.
If you are concerned, feeling scared, frustrated or confused, don’t give up.  Take the first step and take action by attending a TOUGHLOVE parent support group.  You will get 24/7 support from then on, if you want it.
TOUGHLOVE can give you no immediate answers to your problems, what we can do is show you that you are not alone, that you have rights and worth and you deserve respect.