It is with pleasure that I introduce the Board of Toughlove New Zealand (Inc) for the period of 2016/2017. We have a strong group of passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping the families of vulnerable youth find loving solutions to tough problems.

Full Board Members

Tracy Roose
Chairperson – Toughlove member – Waikato based
Ex-officio member of all sub-committees
Passionate about the plight of vulnerable youth and assisting families to make positive choices, I have been a member of Toughlove now for many years. In my second year as Chairperson, my main focus is to help more families in crisis through the use of our programme, by strengthening the Toughlove brand in the community through networking and diversification. I have endeavoured to bring together a team who have a strong and varied skillset, and a passion for community.

Ian Lothian
Vice-Chairperson – Independent – Christchurch based
Member of the Institute of Directors
Ian comes to TLNZ with extensive experience. As an Audit Director with Audit NZ he deals with many government agencies and community organisations and brings experience from Boards, Trusts, councils and governance in small to large organisations.

Jenny Wilson
Secretary – Toughlove Life-member – Christchurch based
Now in her second year on the Board, Jenny brings over two decades of Toughlove experience and knowledge as well as her own experience in secretarial work, grant applications and Trust accounting.

Sytske Oldenburger
Quality & Training Chair – Toughlove Member – Christchurch based
Now in her fourth year on the Board, and her 16th in Toughlove, Sytske is one of our National Programme Trainers and chairs the Quality & Training (Q&T) Sub-committee. Sytske and her team design and run our National Trainings held twice yearly to ensure that members stepping up to Trainee Rep and Representative (Rep) roles are encouraged and supported to achieve to a high standard, both in the Parent Support Groups and in the wider community.

Karen Erasmus
Quality & Training sub-committee – Toughlove Member – Auckland based
Having recently joined the Board, Karen is already showing great passion for the importance of Quality and Training. Having recently been recognised for this, Karen is now a Trainer in training. Her main focus this year will be working with the Q&T team to provide stimulating and educational training that ensures that Toughlove continues to provide a programme of excellence in the community.

Tony Edmondson
Communication and Marketing Chair – Independent – Waikato based
Having recently arrived from the UK, Tony feels that volunteering is a great way to make connections. Having successfully owned and managed two media businesses there, he has moved to NZ with his wife Jane to enjoy the lifestyle that we have to offer. Tony’s strengths lay in his ability to do what I call ‘blue sky thinking’ – to think outside the square and bring all possibilities to the table without prejudice. Tony is talented in marketing and communications and is excited to explore what the digital world may hold for Toughlove.

Co-opted Board Members

Damian Sicely
Strategic Planning Chair – Independent – Waikato based
National Manager/Director – Agoge Training Ltd
Masters in Business Administration
Damian comes to the Board with strengths in Strategic Planning and the desire to do good for a community group. He joins TLNZ as a co-opted member and will share his knowledge and skills with us as we develop and grow.

Helen Crisp
Treasurer – Previous Toughlove Member – Wellington based
A qualified teacher, Helen brings quiet logic and financial acumen. She has agreed to join us as a co-opted member in the capacity of Treasurer and financial advisor.

George Morrell
Legal and Constitutional Advisor – Life Member – Auckland based
A member of many years, George joins the TLNZ Board as a co-opted member to advise as necessary on legal matters within his knowledge, and to assist with the changes to the current constitution. George and his team will work together to revisit the current constitution and the drafted rules and bring them into line with the upcoming legal changes.

National Administrator

Rachel Wilson
Based in Ashburton, Rachel is contracted part-time as our National Administrator. Her main role is to raise funds for Toughlove New Zealand through the application of grants. She is also responsible for all basic office duties including mail, banking, statistics and assisting the board where she is able. Rachel has been an invaluable asset to the board since she began this year. She reports directly to the Chairperson.